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Sunday, December 5, 2010


High Contrast


Gesture Drawings

December 3 Lecture

Painting 1950-1980's
-Abstract Expressionism-Action painting
-Abstract Expressionism was very dogmatic

Jackson Pollock
-"Jack the Dripper"
We looked at his #8 painting from 1948

Norman Rockwell
-He was a popular illustrator

Franz Kline
-His art was put on postage stamps

Willem De Kooning
-Famous for unflattering pictures of women

Joan Mitchell
-Second generation abstract expressionism

Minimal Painters:

Brice Marden
-We looked at his work, Cold Mountain, #60

Color Field Paintings:
-No mark making; just ephemeral spills

Helen Frankenthaler
-Mountains & Sea, 1952

Mark Rothko
-We looked at some of his work from 1951

Morris Lewis
-He used acrylic paint
-We looked at some of his work from 1959

The Painted Word:

Tom Wolfe
-Hard edge

Frank Stella
-Geek with a steady hand
-Used acrylic paint

Hard Edge Painting:

Ellsworth Kelly
-No emotion in paintings
-Spectrum 5, 1963

Bridget Riley
-Big Blue, 1981

Mary Hildman

Pop Art:

Andy Warhol
Marcel Duchamp
Robert Rauschenberg
Robert Indiana
-LOVE, 1961
Jasper Johns
-Painting of numbers

Neo-Pop Art:

Beginning of new ear of art making.